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Most likely, you have problems with your relationships.

  No relationships is also a problem, by the way.


  I can help you.

Not because I’m too smart or know some tricks.


  But because I don't share the popular FALLACY that some human beings are intelligent enough to figure out how everything works here, even writing our own Rules of Life.

  We all are subjective. And we cannot make objective conclusions from our subjective experience. This is why I learn mainly from other sources – such as ancient scriptures – about how we are made and what we should do to be happy.


  I won't brag about my achievements – how many hundreds of people like me already. Appealing to the Crowd Instinct would be disrespectful to you.


  My view on Traditional Psychology is not quite favorable... It is hard to admire an institution that sees you primarily as a life-long paying client. Just what our "traditional" medicine does.

  Besides, our mainstream psychology is superficial – fixing the symptoms of your problem without even touching its cause (just what our "traditional" medicine does). You know that this never works: mow the weeds on your backyard all you want; as long as roots are there, the weeds reappear. Just like your problems in life.



People wonder, why life sucks.

It does only if they keep writing Rules to live by.


  I'm not trying to outsmart the Nature.

  I keep studying the Manual, given to us by our Creator, passed down through generations.

  It has all the answers and solutions.


Want the RESULTS, for a change?

  Write to me. The first conversation is free yet is often enough.


And drop by a Q-A webinar every Saturday at 8 a.m. C.S.T. on Facebook Live.

You will be surprised to see how FAST and EASY your problems can be resolved.

With Love,


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